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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Spots on that Apple?

I really do think that, as Mac OS X has grown long in the tooth, and as Apple has tackled more and more priorities across multiple platforms — not just iPhone, but maintaining Windows applications too, and Apple TV, and the iTunes Music Store, and even the basically disappointing MobileMe — the company is starting to get sloppy, their ability to finesse details now compromised.

Not that I expect Apple (or anyone for that matter) to be perfect, but one of the characteristics that I admired most about Apple as a company was their eye for detail (not just in design) and I couldn’t help but agree with Khoi Vinh.

Being a programmer myself I’m more than aware that what might seem like a trivial feature to implement almost always ends up taking much more resources than one would’ve estimated but I feel the issue at hand is with quality, not quantity.

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