After Showers
Canon EOS 300D | 55.0mm | 1/50s | f/5.6 | ISO 200 | Flash Off EXIF

Its raining!

What with Delhi getting showers for the past 2-3 days, me getting wet in them, and reading a brilliant piece of writing on rain, I just couldn't resist. Oh how I love when it rains.
P.S.- If any of you could send me a photo of Monica and/or Phoebe looking out through the rain I'd really appreciate it.

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Rashmi said.. Reply

I cannot tell you how shocked I am to see this post. Firstly coz this was a quick one, and when you said irregular posts to be expected, this is irregular.. and secondly and the best part is that I too spent most of my afternoon just staring out of my window looking at it rain outside and just notice how clam and still everything was outside except for the rain pouring in.. and then came in the snow shower and left everything covered in white.. and before I knew it I was in the middle of a dream. Its been raining here too for the past 3-4 days, and today had snow come along too.. It was just beautiful.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Forgot to mention.. Lovely pic ;) another flower in the rain.. like the brilliant colour and focus. Love the 'Friends' addition. Just perfect!

Varenya said.. Reply

Rungta...Just Too Good!!!, The pic and the friends idea..too too too too too too good!!

Rains rule, as does friends!!

Varenya said.. Reply

Beautiful photo man!!...and once again...Just Tooo goood!!

Sonika said.. Reply

I see everyone simply loves the rains here.. and you have captured it most beautifully for all of us..:)

Nag said.. Reply

surely everyone loves rain. and wid a brain like Joey's....he's aint staring out the window is he??
awesome pic. beautiful. and its raining here as well. and the weather before and after it rains is simply fabulous.

Rungta said.. Reply

Rashmi: Yes yes, I chose the word 'irregular' with great care ;). Snowfall! You make me so jealous..grrr.

Varenya: Yup, they sure do rule, rains and friends.

Sonika: We sure do love rain, and being in Delhi (which hardly recieves rainfall), you tend to like it even more.

Nag: Yes, "he's ain't staring out the window". Good to know kgp's getting showers finally.

Nag said.. Reply

well dat " 's " was a typo

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

Really neat! That goes up as my wallpaper for now.

Need to steal a review of the 300D from you, for revieware..sad you're not a member..

Sanchit Mathur said.. Reply

Prateek Rungta...
I am so amazed and mesmerized... this is too too good. Once in a while, I visit your blog, but each time.. i am in awe.
Keep it up!!
Sanchit Mathur

Prateek said.. Reply

Thanks a lot Sanchit. I shall try and 'keep it up' :)

Sanchit Mathur said.. Reply

Hi once again,
Prateek, what are you doing these days. Engineering.. or pursuing your dreams .. photography. Do write about yourself in the blog. Bye and I am looking for more amazing pictures.
Sanchit Mathur

Prateek said.. Reply

Hello again Sanchit,
As of now, I'm "pursuing my dreams" or rather trying to, as I've taken a drop. I know I have to add an 'about' page, just lack of time.

priyanka said.. Reply

ok i'm doing a project on blogging. so i wanted 2 have a view point of u fellow bloggers-
do u think blogging is an information revolution?Or is it just another crock of virtual gold - a meretricious equivalent of all those noisy internet start-ups that were going to build a brave "new economy" a few years ago?"
please email me ur vies.
ur comments would be highly appreciated.

mayacassis said.. Reply

i really love this picture's a great angle that you have shot at from.simply beautiful

mayacassis said.. Reply

i miss my friends

Prateek said.. Reply

All of us do, and very very dearly too! :)

Sumedh said.. Reply

I love rain.especially winter rain.
Btw, my blog has shifted to the homepage link below...

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