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We come to it at last...

Once again, its time to move on. It is with loads and loads of some of the best memories of my life that I leave Delhi. Farewell!

I know I'm a bit late in saying farewell considering I left Delhi a week ago. Well I'm glad I made it within a week itself!

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souvik said.. Reply

is that the parliament??

Kabhie alvida na kehna....

Rungta said.. Reply

Lol...nahin kahoonga :)

No, that's not the parliment, but its a close guess. Try again!

Abhishek Nandakumar said.. Reply

Your blog is very impressive. The photos as well as how they are displayed. I currently dont know much of PHP, are there any photoblog scripts like WordPress freely available?

BTW, where are you going anyway?

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Hey rungta, glad on hearing abt u going to MONASH - congrats. Meet u there in sm tym soon... :)

Bye tc

Nag said.. Reply

dude dats not the parliament??? i thought it was. anyways need i say how awesome the pic is.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Hey Rungta...So Sorry for my late comment. This has to be a first..Was busy packing and moving things everywhere... ready to move out too..(Though that gives me no excuse)
Well farewells are always sad, but we have to part to meet.. and now that you GOING SOMEWHERE <;)> Hope you make more wonderful memories :) Wish you all the luck and success where ever you go. And exactly in a month you'd have crossed continents.. :) All The Best Rungta!!

Rashmi said.. Reply

Ohhh.... Sorry I got carried away and forgot the other main part of my comment... Wonderful pic!! Nice angle of the pillars.. Kinda looks like obstacles you have to pass to get to the door..(well me and my imagination...) :P
Have a blast in Aus!! :D
P.S. Which place is this anyway? Sadly I don't remember Delhi to guess..

Rashmi said.. Reply

Oooo....I know what this is!!! Was going to google it...(did it also.. but didnt find it) Was going to leave it be guessed by Souvik...But I can't wait...It's.......The entrance of the Rashtrapati Bhavan!! Now you guess how I guessed it.... ;)

Rungta said.. Reply

Loads of questions. But first of all, thanks all of you for your wonderfu comments. So let me begin:
Abhishek: There probably would be some free scripts available. I, in any case, am not aware of it.
Bavani: Yeah, hope to see you there, if your everchanging plans DON'T change.
Nag: Dude I'd even shown you the pic before posting and you say you don't know what it is!!
Rashmi: I too hope to have a blast at Aus. You've answered the question you asked correctly and I think you got the answer by cheating!

Rashmi said.. Reply

;) Good deduction.... well atleast I found it.... that's what matter's Rungta...! :P

Varenya said.. Reply

Alright, no sorrys for the late comment for two things, first, the credit for the the pic goes to me and second I was on a holiday!!

Anyway its been a long and amazing journey, the last two years, all the partying all the dinners all the movies all the coding all the apple stuff its all been one helluva ride (you know that) . Its sad that it has to end but you see as the oracle (Matrix) said "Everything that has a beginning, has an end."

Goodbye and goodluck for Australia!!

souvik said.. Reply

It must be some place around it.. north block, south block... some similar building...
which place is it??

Rungta said.. Reply

Rashmi: True. And it was very clever of you to think of checking it out at my flickr account.
Varenya: Bastard - That was for the first part of your comment.
You bet dude, its been "one helluva ride", and I will miss Delhi and the fun we had. Oh, and how can I forget the school bus! It has been a ride indeed ;) !!!
Souvik: As Rashmi said, it IS the entrance of the Rashtrapati Bhavan in the photo.

Varenya said.. Reply

Bonvoyage rungta ;)

Skaran said.. Reply

Bye Rungta! Do post loads of pictures from Monash!

Sanchit Mathur said.. Reply

sorry for posting late...
wonderful picture once again..
n i knew it was rashtrapati bhawan..
take lots of snaps at monash...