MRS Lake
Canon EOS 300D | 22.0mm | 1/30s | f/5.6 | ISO 100 | Flash Off EXIF

The Duck and The Lake

Another one from the fed-up-with-studying early morning photoshoot.

[Update] Here's a 1920x1280 version for those of you wanting it in high-res.

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Sumedh said.. Reply

Mate, I think it should be cognitively brought to your notice, that, YOU LIVE IN PARADISE!
Man!How I wish I had such a nice stress buster close by... :(

Varenya said.. Reply

Khoob Bhalo...

Nag said.. Reply

looks beautiful

Rashmi Swamy said.. Reply

Wow..... the greenery looks AMAZING!!
P.S. what does MRS stand for?
P.P.S. Nice addition in the commenting system... you're on a roll.... ;)

Aditya said.. Reply

Seriously man, the campus is amazing.

Rungta said.. Reply

Thanks a lot people!

what does MRS stand for?

Monash Residential Services.

Nice addition in the commenting system

Since people from atleast six different timezones visit my blog I figured it'd make much more sense to show the relative time :).

sonika said.. Reply

just the kind of place where one could sit by the whole day.. and not feel the need to move away.. the amazing greenry and its reflection..too good! :)
captured it beautifully indeed... :)

Souvik Das Gupta said.. Reply


Abhishek said.. Reply

Can you post the 1920x1200 version here? All I could find was 1024x768 on flickr.

Abhishek said.. Reply

Now all this blog needs is an ajax search function.

Rashmi said.. Reply

P.p.p.s. Happy Diwali to you too!!! :D Wish you a wonderful year ahead!

Prateek said.. Reply

Thanks a lot Rashmi :). Wish you a wonderful year too and hope your Diwali is better than what mine was.