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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Rungta’s Site Map

Site maps aren’t the most exciting of pages and very seldom (if ever) do I find myself visiting a website’s site map. Why then did I decided to make one for

I can’t recall how, but a few months back I stumbled upon this blog entry by Dan Cederholm — Styling Nested Lists — in which he talks about how he used nested unordered lists (<ul>) to build a site map and went about styling them using just a single id and descendant selectors. I thought that was quite clever and got the urge to find out if I could use a similar technique to design a site map for my site. That’s how I ended up making a site map, and it was great fun developing and styling the page.

So yeah, I made the page and put it up online but didn’t advertise or link to it because of the aforementioned reason. It lay there, quiet and unnoticed…until I tweeted about it last Friday: - One stop shop for all the pages on my site. Very handy for searching.

Right after that tweet, I realized there was no way to carry out the ‘very handy for searching’ bit. So, I flexed my fingers, read up a bit, launched Photoshop, opened TextMate and two long nights later, the page now sports a sexy new search facility. Go check it out!

P.S. – I haven’t bothered testing the page in Internet Explorer. Upgrade, please!

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