Strands of thought expressed in bits and pieces, or, my project repository.


A tribute to “Complaining is silly. Either act of forget.” (view or read more)


A collection of photos shared on Instagram, an app that has completely changed how I (and a million others) use a phone camera. (view or read more)


Not so Yellow

Alternate interface to browse through a twitter archive. (view or read more)

CodeIgniter Libraries

Handy CodeIgniter extensions. (view or read more)

Vector Art: Lakshmi

A vector illustration of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. (view or read more)

Top Gear

Rohit Nag, Prateek Rungta

“Umm… yeah, I think anybody who doesn’t watch Top Gear should start watching.” (view or read more)

Design Demo: Luvov Shoes

Website design mock–up for a fictitious organisation. (view or read more)

Accessibility & Usability on the Web

A presentation I gave on the what, why and how of accessibility & usability on the web. (view or read more)

हिन्दी Transliteration

A nifty little English to Hindi transliteration tool with copy–paste support. (view or read more)

Grand Slam Draws

Draw charts of all four tennis Grand Slam tournaments presented in delicious HTML and CSS. (view or read more)

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F.Y.I — Most of my web projects probably won’t work in IE, and I’m not one bit bothered by that.