SONY DSC-W5 | 7.9mm | 1/250s | f/2.8 | ISO 100 | Flash On EXIF

It goes ever on...

If your eyes take in sharp details (© 2005 Ikkumpal), you’d have noticed that the above photo has not been taken by me. Many thanks to Mukesh Sir for the wonderful capture.

We had a school alumni lunch yesterday. It was good to catch up with old friends and classmates, but sad that I could spend very little time there. Loads of deadlines to be met by the coming New Year so I’ve been having pretty hectic days with little sleep, but hopefully will make up for all that next year ;).

Many of my friends have finally started blogging, and I’m glad that one of those is a photoblog by Sumi[t]. Keep blogging, keep sharing!

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Kannan said.. Reply

Pl. visit-

Bavani Sam said.. Reply

Hey rungta,
Its been long since i blogged or commented...not to worry...since pc is fixed!!! will be up to date for sure!!!

Keep it goin.

Rashmi said.. Reply

Well its really sad to see that no1 has actually commented on this pic! This is an absolutely fabulous matter if u took it or not its too good a shot and veiw..n its really nice to see it shown on ur blog... wonder how it was taken tho.. Keep it rocking Rungta! :)